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Customer Service

As committed members of CES we will give our customers 100% attention every time we come into contact with them, whether at our premises or theirs, whether they contact us by phone, email, fax or face to face. We will always give our full attention. When our customers call in for the first time we want them to feel we have taken on board what they are looking for, and that they are going to get exactly the service (and more) they want from us. In many cases this will take away any need for them to call any other suppliers.

We will come across as passionate about the products we sell and the service we provide. We will always speak positively and confidently and show our customers we are interested in them and their business. It will always be clear that we are striving to provide the right solution based on our industry experience and the thorough knowledge of the brands we supply. Our customers will trust us and know that we are honest in our approach and that we will always deliver our work professionally.

customer serviceWe also want our customers to have realistic expectations. Even though we are professional and will endeavour to deliver our jobs 100% accurately there will be occasions when issues arise that need resolving. It is for us to reassure our customers that we will protect them as much as we can from these issues and will respond promptly wherever needed, resolving challenges to the best of our ability. We always take responsibility for our actions and recognise that it is in the interests of all parties to be truthful at all times. Sometimes the customer may need to hear news that they do not like.

We will always act with integrity towards our customers. When we say we will call them back and keep them informed of progress we do, and we will set realistic goals for closing service calls or dealing with issues to minimise stress for customers, our suppliers and ourselves.

Customer service 2We will actively ask our customers for feedback on why they chose us above other companies. We will ensure that at the end of the job they are completely satisfied with the products and services we have provided. Following the close of the job we will give the same level of service at every stage of contact with us, from the sale to after sales, through the Service Department right through to the Accounts department. This will give customers the confidence to recommend us to their business associates and use us on an ongoing basis. Through this behaviour we will be part of a growing and successful business.

Overall we will always give our clients a fun and friendly experience using our superb personalities to win them over. This will create a win:win position – we will all be happy in the job we do and our customers will keep coming back and be happy to be working with us.