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Commercial Refrigeration Unit

Discover more than one way to chill

Commercial refrigeration units come in all shapes, sizes and specifications to accompany any space you have. It’s not the most glamorous feature of your job, that’s true, but without a top notch commercial refrigeration unit you’d be lost. If you are looking for a specific type of refrigeration to accompany a particular style of cooking, speak to one of our experienced and friendly sales team who will be able to recommend or advise on the best option for your business.

We bring you a range of the finest modular cold rooms and commercial refrigeration units available, at value for money prices. Everything is manufactured to the highest possible standards from major brand names including Williams, Caravell, Lincat, Interlevin, Fosters and Gram.

Everything from stand-alone units to table top display enjoys smooth, easy to clean features that make maintenance a breeze. They also help you keep up with the latest food storage and display legislation and are developed to international and environmental standards. Ideal to satisfy the health and safety officer and for you to monitor your food storage and preparation operations.

Our project team are all CFSP qualified, understanding the essentials of food service requirements, including the most important criteria’s, which are regularly monitored by the health and safety standards. Having the correct commercial refrigeration is essential for the style of cooking you are looking to present, whether you are theatre cooking and open cooking, looking at under counter refrigeration or closed kitchen cooking who would potentially source larger free standing eco and high tech units. Storage temperatures for food and drink is an important factor to consider, therefore the right commercial refrigeration will differ for every business.

Need a specialist product or something standard? Contact us and let us find the commercial refrigeration unit for you.