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Get a grip with the right flooring

Commercial flooring is ideal for a busy kitchen because after all, slips and trips are the cause of most kitchen accidents. When looking for the right commercial flooring it is essential to have the right one for your business. When you’re working this hard and fast, spillages are frequent and accidents are just waiting to happen. Aside from the significant personal injury, any resulting legal actions can be costly and damaging to any business.

It’s time to get a grip with the right commercial flooring. Essentially the correct commercial flooring needs to withstand the strenuous daily kitchen activities. Whether it is cushioning, sound reducing, anti slip, or other factors, commercial flooring is the safest way to reduce the risks of accidents in a busy kitchen, bar or servery.

Flooring can be specified as a single item or even designed as part of a project to reduce the risks and improve the safety of the working kitchen, bar or servery environment. Flooring comes in a variety of materials and can be specified for each project, however the recommended for medium duty kitchens is vinyl, and for heavy duty kitchens, the preference is resin floors to combat the toughest of the working days. However, floors is a personal preference and we will design to your brief meeting your requirements.

Less risk, more energy

Commercial flooring protects your staff and your business with easy to clean flooring that not only reduces slipping but, thanks to its cushioning effect, has the added benefit of reducing fatigue. Commercial flooring comes in a variety of specification, whether it is hygienic, helps to absorb sound associated with busy bars and kitchens or other factors.

Tough, non-slip flooring makes kitchens safe for everyone. Contact us today to find the floor for you!