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You’ve got the team. Now, do you have a plan?

Design and consultancy service

A badly designed kitchen is slow at best, downright dangerous at worst. You need every section to work intuitively. You need the right catering equipment to hand and ample space to make it all happen. You need a plan.

Using state-of-the-art software our design team takes a holistic approach to kitchen planning, taking every detail into account from the start. They consider access, services, extraction, air input, environmental issues and health and safety legislation; to ensure your finished kitchen works exactly as you want it to. We specialise in offering an effcient and effective catering equipment solution to ensure the kitchen works for you.

Kitchen design with substance

We can bring your ideas to life, giving you greater insight into how your space will look and work. You’ll also enjoy expert advice about the equipment best suited to your scheme, including bespoke fabrication, extraction and ventilation.

Whether your kitchen is big or small, your project manager will take detailed measurements to ensure that everything fits, works, and is completed on time with minimum fuss.

Whip your kitchen into shape with professional commercial kitchen design planning. Contact us today to find out more!