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Serving Counters

Our serving counters, bars and kitchens are used throughout many successful leisure, hospitality, catering and retail businesses in the Private Sector and we have also won numerous Public Sector contracts where our competitive quality and distinctive designs have been key to the success of the projects.

Cost Effective Solutions

CES also offers a cost-effective range of heated, refrigerated and ambient Drop-In Display units, but by far the highest percentage of our orders is for truly bespoke designs destined for some of the most sophisticated eating establishments in the world. Choosing the bespoke route is the only certain way of ensuring you get exactly what you want without compromise. Top quality is evident in everything we do so, if you want the best, the best is exactly what you’ll get.

Self-Service & Serviced Counters

We ensure that food and drinks will be kept at the recommended temperature, and our designs will help ensure your work area is easy to clean and hygienic. Attractive food displays can make food appear more appealing to diners. Whether you requirement is for self-service or being serviced by counter staff, we can meet your demands.