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The Fight Against Grime

Commercial wall cladding to combat the toughest of kitchens

Smooth, easy to clean walls are essential in hot, moisture rich kitchens. Our range of wall cladding is durable, functional and environmental health compliant and best of all fits easily over existing interior walls with the minimum of fuss, leaving your kitchen and prep area sparkling like new. Fight against the grime build up and design a hygienic room or kitchen with commercial wall cladding.

Does your current wall cladding satisfy the health and safety officer? Make it easy and stress free for yourself, by having a hygienic, smooth and easy to clean wall.

Professional commercial walls is a simple solution to convert your kitchen into a professional looking hub. Commercial walls also makes cleaning an awful lot easier, cutting your time at the end of a long night’s service.

Commercial wall cladding is available in the following specifications: 

  • In a range of colours to suit your kitchen, bar, servery or branding
  • Made from robust, hygienic UPVC or stainless steel to provide you with a professional kitchen or space
  • Minimum thickness 2.5mm UPVC

Transform your kitchen into the professional, hygienic space. Contact us today for a quote!