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At Catering Equipment Solutions, we bring you a range of the finest modular cold rooms and commercial refrigeration units available, all at great prices. Since 2001, we’ve been delivering commercial refrigeration and air conditioning solutions to keep caterers throughout London and the UK cool, even in the highest of high pressure kitchens. If you are looking for a specific type of refrigeration unit to accompany a particular style of cooking, speak to one of our experienced and friendly sales team who will be able to recommend the best option for your business.

Keeping your business cool with the highest quality commercial refrigeration brands

Commercial refrigeration comes in all shapes, sizes, and specifications to fit virtually any space you have. We only work with the highest quality brands such as Caravell, Foster, Gram, Interlevin, Lincat and Williams. All our commercial refrigeration is manufactured to the highest standards with easy clean features that make maintenance a breeze. They also help you keep up to date with the latest food storage and display legislation and are developed to meet the highest environmental standards.

Experienced, specialist commercial air conditioning project team

Your kitchen may need air conditioning to achieve the right balance of airflow, especially if there is a large heat output or if the kitchen is an unusual shape. We design air handling systems to suit large and small kitchens, using canopies and tailored ceiling ventilation. Our highly qualified project team understands the essential foodservice requirements, and from installation to service and maintenance, will ensure your kitchen provides good ergonomics as well as the correct health and safety standards.

General Guidance of F Gas and Ozone Regulations

Caterers operating equipment containing F gas have many obligations to prevent leaks and keep correct records.
For current guidance search for ‘F gas’.

Download your copy of FGAS

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