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Leisure Catering Equipment


Leisure catering equipment

With everything under control catering becomes a pleasure

Finally realised you need a cooking and preparation space that’s going to make your catering processes work like a well oiled machine?  Most of our clients have experienced our specialist design services. We assess your needs and ensure you’re making the most of the space available. From the perspective of the kitchen, serving and eating areas.

Relax and enjoy a full design, installation and utilities supply service. This includes extraction and ventilation, hygienic walls and flooring, and even lighting to set the mood. Therefore allowing you to set the scene for your new and existing customers to enjoy.

If you’re running or setting up a new catering unit speak to us first to find out how we can help. Experience nothing less than what you deserve and create the space you need for your leisure catering requirements.

Our friendly sales team are happy to help with your enquiries. If you are looking for individual items, a full project, or our service we will help you. Our services include extraction and ventilation, kitchen flooring, wall cladding, and more. In addition to the new services we also offer service and maintenance on catering equipment.

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