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You and your staff should be working in comfort and safety. A fully integrated extraction and commercial ventilation system removes harmful fumes, keeping you safe and energised with a constant supply of fresh air. We have delivered high quality, efficient commercial kitchen extraction solutions to businesses throughout London and the UK since 2001.

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We know that cooking, particularly with gas-fired appliances, produces fumes, odours and vast quantities of heat. A quality oven canopy hood and general ventilation system removes vapours at the source, eliminating the risks from carbon monoxide, keeping your staff and kitchen safe and comfortable, providing quality air where you need it most. Our bespoke ventilation services include commercial extractor fans and extraction canopies that consider your cooking load, layout, staff numbers, as well as the area and volume of make-up air needed, allowing us to create the commercial kitchen extraction solution that’s right for you.

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We cover the complete range of commercial kitchen extraction solutions, from single and three-phase extractor fans to centrifugal or contra-rotating fans. Regardless of the kind of fan you choose, your kitchen will benefit from:

The delivery of fresh, clean air, creating a safe and comfortable working environment

Balanced air movement throughout the room

Sufficient air to ensure complete combustion for gas-fired appliances

Easy to clean features

DW/172 is a definitive guide to kitchen ventilation systems in non-domestic properties. This publication has evolved to incorporate legislative change and new standards, and represents the most up-to-date and indispensable industry specification for HVAC specialists serving the catering sector.

DW/172 includes a new standard for grease filter testing from the Loss Prevention Council (LPS1263), endorsed by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). This section sets the standards demanded by British insurers to reduce the risk of fire in commercial kitchens and features detail on the certification of grease filters. In addition, the already comprehensive section on appliances and their coefficients has been further expanded, and advice has been included on the requirements for an interlock between the ventilation system and gas supply.

DW/172 clearly details all the requirements for the design, installation and maintenance of kitchen ventilation systems. DW/172 is a progression of the popular DW/171 that became the industry benchmark for kitchen ventilation systems after it was published in 1999, and is now a key part of HVCA Publications suite of literature intended to set standards for ductwork service and maintenance.

What Is a TR19 and Why do I need it?

When running a commercial kitchen there is a standard to which you need to keep your kitchen held to, so that you avoid hazards, including dangers to the general public and your employees. So a company was set up dedicated to upholding kitchen standards and protecting the general public, they decided to make this easier by providing a book with guidelines to be followed to regulate these standards, this book is known as the TR19.

Since the introduction of the TR19, it has now been made into a law that you are required to present a document showing that your kitchen has been cleaned to this standard, this is to be presented to your insurance companies so that in the event of a fire, you will not be held accountable, and instead the company in which cleaned your kitchen will be the persons liable.Clipped Cleaned small copy
Some of the areas which are covered in the cleaning process of a TR19 include all of the ducting, which is required to be cleaned to a point where throughout the whole system there is no grease along the ducts that exceeds a thickness of 500um, this is to prevent fire hazards from occurring, due to the heat, airflow and flammability of the grease in a kitchen it is paramount to make sure the grease does not exceed this thickness.

Over time your extraction fans will also build up a dust and grease deposits which can be very harmful to your entire kitchen, not only will the ducting be effected, but your entire establishment due to the air not being extracted. It is harmful to your kitchen because the clearance of the fan blades is significantly reduced between the blade edges and the inner casing, the reason this happens is down to the fact that the dust and grease combined forms a thick layer which over time builds up reducing the gap over time. This will slow the fans rotation per minute down a surprising amount, which will also make the motor work harder, straining it. This in turn will cause damage to the motor.
If the air is not escaping this will end up being absorbed by the walls and ceiling which will end up being discoloured, mould will build up very fast due to the dampness which will eventually mean you need to strip down the walls for a complete makeover, this will be very costly.

If within your establishment a fire takes place, from areas within your kitchen such as the ducting, and you are not able to provide a TR19 to certify that your kitchen has been cleaned to the correct standard, you will be liable for any persons involved in the fire that have been harmed. This will mean prosecution, loss of business, large fines, and even imprisonment if the damage caused to the persons involved is extensive enough.

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